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  1. DIY_Guy

    HVAC Questions

    Due to my infrequent use of this software I keep forgetting most of what I've learned over the years, so I apologize for my only contributions to this forum being a question or two every 6 to 12 months. I'm going to be replacing my existing HVAC system with one larger system or two separate systems. I'd like to email my house plans to various HVAC contractors to solicit pricing, but before I do so I'd like to show them where all my current floor registers are. Since sending these plans out to bid are the only reason for me to be showing these floor registers on my plans, I'd like to be able to turn off the layer that they will reside on. I found 'floor registers' in the 'Ventilation' section of the Library Browser and I can add them to my plan just fine, but they don't turn off when I turn off the 'HVAC' layer. How can I find out what layer these floor registers are on and is there anyway for me to change which layer they are on, as I'd like them to be on the 'HVAC' layer? Also, as far as positioning these registers accurately in the various rooms. Is there an easy way to do that. I remember some objects actually show various dimensions when you select them and then you can click on one of those dimensions, change it, and the object will automatically move. Again, because I use this software so infrequently I don't remember how to do that. Thanks, Spence
  2. DIY_Guy

    Solar Tube - Light Tunnel

    I see where to add skylights, but I don't see an option for a round solar tube type light tunnel. The product I am using is from Velux as seen here: Is there any kind of work around to show something similar to a solar tube in my plans? Using Home Designer Pro 2014 on a Windows 8 machine. Thanks, Spence