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  1. That's great - i understand the concept and will practice on something small before I rotate the universe! Nice solution. Thanks.
  2. I'll just apologize in advance if i missed something obvious.. So just to confirm from another thread that in HD Architectural 2021 one can not rotate a whole plan by 180 degrees but only one 'floor'. Seems odd - why would one want to rotate one floor only? If so I'm looking then for creative ideas: a. so rotate one floor at a time; is there a secure way to make sure they line up at 180 degrees? b. purchase a trail version of 'pro', rotate and then launch with non-pro; would something like this work? I'm very happy with HIA and don't want to 'game the system' but it seems rotating a plan is pretty basic and not really related to 'added functionality' which i certainly don't mind paying for.