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  1. Thanks for sticking with it Solver! It looks like the whole problem was because the walls were not exactly aligned above one another. Raising the floor of a room appears to create a cutting plane (volume) underneath the room that doesn't affect anything if the walls are aligned, but if they aren't it can skin the wall below. Tried to align the walls, but nothing worked until I copied the wall in place from below and pasted into the second floor.
  2. Reviewed your picture for hours, attempting different manipulations (room types, adding a room below, making sure walls are aligned, etc.). Checked that the stairwell I have is classified as a room below. There's no option for a 'half-closet', not sure if that was your custom naming or something I don't have in my version. All the measurements in the dialog appear to be consistent. I'm unable to have an open below in front of the room because the house isn't structure that way. Tried replacing the wall with an exterior wall, but just got a wall with the siding stripped away showing the wrapping underneath halfway up. In the end, I stumbled on making it work by moving the walls further out. It looks like something was demanding a certain size that was clipping the walls. Still don't know what that was. Tried resizing and deleting the staircase, but there was still something demanding the room be at least 3'6" by 7'11". If there's something you're aware of that I didn't list above, it would be great if you could point it out.
  3. Thank you @Jo_Ann though it looks like I'm doing the same thing? Not sure if I messed up some other setting. Maybe it was using the auto-stairwell functionality?
  4. Tried making the wall invisible, but then the room's wall was invisible too. Here's some pictures of the real thing.
  5. Thanks for responding so quickly! Changed the room to Open Below but the walls of the room over the stairs are still blocking the stairwell. There area between floors isn't exposed now, but can't seem to make the walls go higher with Open Below like they could with a bedroom or closet. 1st floor 2nd floor View from first floor up the stairs
  6. I have a half height room over the landing of my staircase. There doesn't seem to be any way to make the height of a single wall on the bottom floor taller, so I made the floor of the room in the 2nd floor higher. This works, but it leaves the wall open beneath it. Is there a way to keep the wall of the bottom floor closed when raising the floor of the upper floor?
  7. Can you set something so you walk up stairs or open doors when you run into them and get blocked by walls? Looking to create a more real feel when experiencing the model. (New user on Home Designer Suite 2021)