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    Square Footage

    Ok here is my dilemma. The calculated square footage that is done by Home Designer Pro 2014 does not add up in my mind correctly. If I do an interior living area calculation for the basement I get 1410 sq/ft. The living area calculation that home designer comes up with is 1526 sq/ft? Same issue for the main floor. If I add all the rooms up manually I get 1327 sq/ft. The living area calculation home designer comes up with is 1480 sq/ft. This is even more confusing because the basement foot print is the same as the main floor. Hope someone can help out. FoundationSQFT.pdf MainFloor.pdf
  2. rocky01

    Materials List

    I am running CA HD pro 2014. I built a house using ICF foundation but when I do a materials list the ICF part of the list is way out of wack. I calculated a single wall by hand and it should have 28 blocks. HD says I need 52? The rest of the materials for the same list are close enough to use for an estimate but the ICF is not even close. The ICF in the list says 16*48*2 1/2 for a demension. Any thoughts any one?