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  1. Jo_Ann, thank you. Can you help me create the two slopes per the photo? If you see closer there's a 6:12 and a 48:12 before it flattens out at 8' ceiling. Perhaps a video would greatly help all of us in the community. Thank you all!!!
  2. Yes, this is correct. As a mater of fact, it is the roof creating the slope in the software but it's not creating filling up the wall yet showing a void where it should be walled. This is where I need help with.
  3. Thank you. It still didn't resolve the issue.
  4. Thanks for the tip. I believe to have updated the signature. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2019. I still have not come across a video or a solution to my lil issue,
  5. Hello beautiful community! I have a question. I'm doing an as build. On the second floor where a 6:12 roof pitch meets a 48:12 is where I have a wall issue. I got the roof/ceiling part but how do we generate a sloped wall? Please see generated drawing. I'd like to draw it as is on picture. Any suggestions appreciated! :) TIA!!