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  1. Thanks for the help. The symbol looks great and works perfectly. I guess i loose the window default object features. But, this works. I just need add shutters and the exterior ledge. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the info. I updated my signature as well. So, when importing objects, it randomly assigns it to a layer? Or in my case, seems to always add to Fixtures,Interior.
  3. Hi, Anyone have suggestion on how to make this sorry for wall and window in Home Designer Suite 2021? Basically, the window is sunken in. However, on the inside, the room wall is flat. I'm assuming this is like a entire wall style soffit. Sorry if I'm using wrong terminology. You can also see that the garage is underneath and that is further in as well. I first tried to just make the wall thicker. But, then the windows inside have large ledge and the outside flush. Which is what i don't want. The garage looks correct though.
  4. Hi, I'm new to Home Designer. Using Suite 2021 version. I don't see Layers under Tools. i assume that is reserved for Architectural and Pro versions. I was hoping to be able to move objects around to different layers. But, don't see this. I have SketchUp object I imported. It was a outdoor kitchen and pergola. But, it's currently showing that it is in the Object Layer: Fixtures/Interior. What I'm really trying to get to the ability to create some options for my backyard. But, not create a new plan file. instead, show/hide layers to see differences. But, in this case, if I want to hide that layer using Display Options it will hide other stuff (Fixtures/Interior) Can this be changed?