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    Roof over porch

    Ok no need. I solved it. I deleted the Porch. Then I verified the deck on the top floor had roof and ceiling off and turned auto roof on. Then I created the porch room with a full gable wall
  2. MikeOliverAZ

    Roof over porch

    Home Designer 2016. I have a house plan with two living floors and a roof deck over the main house. I do NOT want a ceiling or roof over the roof deck. I want to add a porch on the fron with a gable roof. I tried changing the roof and ceiling setting on the roof deck off but when I select the front porch and Build Roof I get a roof over the porch ok but I also get a roof over the roof deck that don't want. Delete roof takes both away. Can I get a roof over the porch only if so how.
  3. MikeOliverAZ

    Roof over porch

    Yes and as I said in my original both of these were off. Also the auto roof is off.
  4. MikeOliverAZ

    Roof over porch

    Sorry it is Suite