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    Sloped driveway to Garage/Basement HD Pro 2021

    Thank you, I believe my signature is now updated with Home Designer Pro 2021 added.
  2. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2021 and I'm trying to design a home on a slope and with the driveway going to a Floor 0 garage/basement with the home on top Floor 1. From the tutorial (, I think I have to enter the terrain data as elevation lines with 0 elevation being the at or 18'' below Floor 1, and use stem walls to create the basement/garage. I'm not sure how to create the 10% slopped driveway leading from the sidewalk up to the garage using the terrain modification tools because I don't see a sloped area terrain specification. I can enter the elevation lines corresponding to the driveway slope but this gets tricky with cutting into the existing slope and leaving a space for a retainer walls on the sides of the driveway. Should I use elevations lines that just span the driveway area with separate elevation lines for the existing terrain on the sides of the driveway? I tried doing this with elevation points and ran into issues with the software trying to create the elevation lines.