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  1. Hello, I must have overlooked something simple but I could not enlarge the ends of a walkway using break line. I watched Landscape Design training video numerous times and looked to me, the instructor just simply clicked on the outer line of the walkway, then selected the break line icon, and pointed to the end of the line and dragged it out, effectively enlarged the end of the walkway. When I clicked on the outer line, and then the break line icon, the cursor turned into a red hourglass or a red square, I clicked again at end of the walkway and then dragged, but all I got was enlarging t
  2. Thanks very much for the idea Eric! It worked. What I did via Select Materials, is to copy an existing pattern with a scale of 3 (or whatever factor one desires) to a new one and use it.
  3. Hello, I'm designing my house with a touch of spanish accents exterior. I have difficulty finding 12"x12" or 8"x8" pattern stone/pavel/tile in the catalog for the walkway. All patterns I found are too small. The attached 'desired walkway pattern' looks like stamped concrete, if so how do I replicate that in the software? Any help is greatly appreciated, as well as other suggestions - I'm new, crawling my way through the software. Thank you so much