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  1. Thank you. I will rebuild the terrain as you have kindly suggested.
  2. Is having the auto build terrain feature turned off the cause of not viewing the terrain in the 3D camera views? This auto build terrain feature turned off must be an acceptable option or would we be instructed to turn it off in the walkout basement video? I am not sure how to build the slopped lot with walkout basement with it on. Thank you for your time and help, I appreciate it.
  3. Thank you. When I watched the terrain videos instructing how to build a sloped lot for a walk-out basement it tells you to turn off the auto-build terrain button first thing. My understanding is that to create the walk-out basement with a sloped lot allowing a walk-out basement that this feature cannot be turned on.
  4. Ok, zipped file attached. I am needing to build the terrain as accurately as possible as we are building on a sloped lot so we will have a walk out basement. The elevations I put in were from elevations my husband surveyed on our property with our footprint staked. Clearwater E Adding
  5. When I try to attach the file a pop-up window states I am only allowed to upload 25mb. I have closed the program before trying to attach the file here. Can I send a snip of the terrain, will that be helpful?
  6. Here is my plan. It is the first one I am making in this program so hopefully, I am not embarrassing myself, lol
  7. Yes, I have created the Terrain. I also added elevation lines and elevation points and put in the elevations for our property lot.
  8. I am using Home Designer Pro 2021. I appreciate your advice and added it to my signature. As I am new to this program, I am using all of the resources and finding them to be very helpful. I have completed the house design and I am now working on the terrain, landscaping and outbuildings. However, I cannot seem to find the issue behind my terrain not being visible on any 3D camera views. I watched all of the terrain videos and camera-related videos. I also thought it may have to do with layers and camera view settings. I have been able to solve all other learning curve questions by using the re
  9. Home Designer 2021. The terrain is built with elevations added at elevation points on elevation lines. The terrain does not show in any of the 3D camera views. How do I resolve this? Thank you.