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  1. I have a slope in the backyard where two concrete walkways come together. In 3D view there is an issue with the way one of the sidewalks displays. A portion appears to map below terrain level. Any suggestions? FYI: the curving sidewalk was created with the spline sidewalk tool. The straight sidewalk with the straight sidewalk tool. The terrain slope is correct. Thanks
  2. I have a second story deck that I have modeled. When the deck is created using the straight rail tool HD A 2021 generates two rows of deck supports under the deck. I only want one row of supports. How do I delete the extra row or change the settings to only generate one row of posts? Thanks
  3. In HD Architectural 2021 the casings for windows and doors in the "Traditional" plan have a profile. However, the profile for sliding doors is flat. Is there any way to adjust setting so the sliding doors use the same casing as the standard doors & windows? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info. I had started with the Default style. I found the 'Today's Traditional' has the casings I am looking for. Am I right in assuming I need to cut and paste each of the door and window types I need from the Traditional plan to my plan and replace my existing doors and windows? (i.e., no way simply copy the 'default' casing to my original plan and have it applied to all existing doors and windows). It would be great if casings were as easy to modify as moldings though '-) Thanks for the tip on updating my sig. Done.
  5. Is there a way to specify the casing to be used in Architectural 2021? I have found options for moldings, but nothing for the door and window casings. All windows and doors are defaulting to a flat profile casing.