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  1. Thank you, Jo Ann! That did it... after deleting the foundation and rebuilding it, the floor structure returned to the default of 12 5/8". I am very grateful to both you and Rick for taking the time to respond to my posting. Best regards, Will
  2. Thanks for the input Rick! In my version of Architectural 2018, I am selecting "Edit" from the main menu, then "Default Settings", then "Floors and Rooms", then "Current Floor", and then "Edit".... at this point, the only default selection options that I see are for "Ceiling Finish" and "Floor Finish". I have checked both of those boxes, but it hasn't altered the Floor Structure value of 4". I am probably missing something. How are you getting to the "defaults dbx" that you mentioned? Thanks and best regards, Will
  3. I am working on a house design in Home Architect 2018 and am having problems with the floor structure depth. Rather than 12 5/8", the program has defaulted to 4" on my plan, and I don't see any options for changing that value. I have reviewed the training videos on the main Chief Architect website and searched the Q&A forum, but haven't been able to find any helpful guidance. My plan currently has one floor, but I want to add a second. Whenever I attempt to do so, the program sets the floor structure depth of the second floor at 4" to match the value of the first floor-- this unrealistic value will impede my effort to design a realistic stair way between the two floors. I have attached my current plan and would appreciate any guidance to help me create a realistic floor structure depth. As an FYI, the foundation on the plan is set to "Walls with Footings" with "8 inch Concrete Stem Wall". Thank in advance for any input! Upload Plan.plan