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  1. Sorry .... didn't see your second post ... thanks!
  2. Thank you for your quick reply. I wish I had asked before spending 20+ hours trying to solve. Every other issue I had I was ultimately able to solve by investigation until I learned what I was doing wrong. I assumed the same was true with this issue. One last question .... can I fix this with Pro? Thanks again!
  3. Hello. I spent hours trying to solve an issue, and was helping someone might offer me some advice. When a wall is part interior (below the roof line) and part exterior (above the roof line), I cannot get it to properly show interior section. Render shows exterior surface. I created the attached simple plan as an example. The right side of the door shows the problem -- the exterior siding shows as the interior surface. Over the door and on the left side of the door, I placed a thin wall to "hide" the siding. This is the only thing I could find to at least cover the problem -- not really fix it. Is there a better solution with Architectural 2021? I would greatly appreciate help in solving this issue. Thanks! Simple Test.plan