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  1. Here is the image of the wrap around roof and portico I am trying to make on the first floor, from the deck and going to the left of the house. I have also attached my Home Designer Pro File. 26 Lakeside 3.plan
  2. Post edited, signature and profile updated. I have checked the knowledge base and that is where I got the tips for making an invisible railing room. Is there a way to just draw a roof profile or would I need to create an invisible room all around the front of the house for the skirt roof?
  3. Hello, first time user here. I originally created a model of our home with a portico and wrap around skirt roof on the first floor (using Rhino 3D). I recreated the model in Home Designer Pro and am really impressed with this software. I am stuck on how to make the portico and wrap around skirt roof. I tried making an invisible railing room for the portico, but had trouble making the roof planes. I have no idea how I would go about making the the wrap around skirt roof either. 26 Lakeside 3a.plan