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  1. mistya

    Room below deck error. Help needed!

    I have watched the terrain videos and in either program I've used, doing anything other than a flat plane has not been my forte. It's something I really struggle grasping the technicalities of getting fancy with it. I picked up on everything else but the geometry of landscape and roofing. Maybe they'll have a webinar class about it sometime Thank you, @solver for being so helpful!
  2. mistya

    Room below deck error. Help needed!

    @solver Thanks, I hope to soon. But in the meantime I've got this. With your structure above, I see the door I would assume would be a "walkout basement door"... how would you get the grade of the ground to level out to have access to the front door at the other side? Kind of like my 2 top photos?
  3. mistya

    Room below deck error. Help needed!

    @solver Thank you so much! My design makes so much more sense on paper. Essentially the house would be set at the end of a slope with a walkout basement. I was told with the Suite design it doesn't do basements and walkouts, so I figured I'd have to do things the hard way. I'm more familiar with Punch design but switched as I felt their software was sorely outdated. I'm good with design and layouts, not so with structure and technicals. I've also been having a really hard time with landscape trying to get it to slope downward away from the house with the front on the top floor level and the back of the walkout basement level as well. The open area you saw was after I'd deleted everything to redo the balcony to see if that would work. I'd anticipated on some empty spaces between first floor and basement as that would be filled in with earth. I've only had a few weeks go at this new software so I'm still figuring out all the specs and technical things. Thank you for helping me with the ceiling issue. I thought I had the measurements right. Never occurred to me to compare the floor and ceiling specs of nearby rooms. I know I'm limited in what I can do with the Suites program & hope to update soon at a later date. My design came from the inspiration of these homes below.
  4. mistya

    Room below deck error. Help needed!

    @Jo_Ann I did change the railing from deck to regular interior. Unless there are specifications that need to be set or clicked on to be specifically interior, I deleted the deck railing and clicked on the regular railing to use instead. This didn’t change anything.
  5. mistya

    Room below deck error. Help needed!

    @solver Yes, exactly. Thank you! Misty's house.zip
  6. mistya

    Room below deck error. Help needed!

    @solver Thank you for the tip. As soon as I did that the error message popped up again without me clicking on anything else. I've included here the details of the error message, not sure that will help anything, and then a 3D photo of the room beneath the balcony. It looks as though I would just need to adjust the ceiling/floor height but I've tried that. I will also include a snapshot of the room details and maybe you can point me to where my dimensions are possibly wrong.
  7. mistya

    Room below deck error. Help needed!

    @solver I use the Home Designer Suite 2021. Checking the box so the message doesn't pop up doesn't solve the problem as when I go into 3D mode my ceiling for my bottom room beneath the "deck" shows the open deck structure above it. Thank you for the tip about the screenshots. Hope this screenshot is more helpful. @DavidJPotter As stated in my original post I've already changed the identity of the deck room to that of a balcony as was suggested by the help topics. This did nothing to change the structure of the floor/ceiling or solve the preprogrammed error message. I even completely erased the room and redrew it out as a balcony along with redrawing my bottom floor. This changed nothing. @Jo_Ann I've tried to correct the ceiling/framing heights of the first (bottom) floor and the top floor to make sure nothing is overlapping the other. I will try to use the interior railing instead to see if that helps. Thank you.
  8. mistya

    Room below deck error. Help needed!

    Not sure where to begin on this one. I had both floors semi finished with room on this bottom floor. I had originally put a deck over part of the northern top room; accessed from the top floor. Found out that changed the ceiling of my bottom floor room. Every time I went to work on a room, on either floor, that was connected to the deck space, I would get an error warning message that read: "Deck is over a non deck room. Framing may not be correct." Even after adjusting the floor/ceiling heights this did nothing. I then did some help search and found that deck is a more specific programmed detail that would automatically change the structure of the floor beneath it; thus it was suggested to label that room balcony instead. I did that. Nothing changed and the warning message continued to pop up. I eventually deleted the balcony and the bottom floor all together in order to start fresh regarding that area. As you can see in my photo even after putting the balcony back (as a balcony) as soon as I drew in my exterior walls the same message popped up again. I'd really like to not have to completely start over but I don't see any other way to fix this little program irritation. Any ideas??