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  1. I am working with an architect and he has asked me to help him with furniture placement for some of his rooms. He uses AutoCAD and has sent me the DWG files. How do I import them and scale them in Home Designer Pro? Do I need to trace all of the walls again or can I just use the 2D plan for furniture placement? TIA!
  2. I imported an AutoCAD (Dwg) file and need to scale and trace it. The info I found in this form says to click to point to point edit button but I can't find that button anywhere. what's the easiest way to import, trace and scale the drawing?
  3. Gary, Thanks for your response. I think I did that? I am trying to get the distance from the drywall to the middle of the sink. Do you mind letting me know exactly what buttons I need to choose on the default dimensions screen?
  4. I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. I need interior dimensions and it seems that my dimensions are measuring from the center wall vs. the drywall for the fixtures. I changed the default settings to surfaces and it is still not working. I also am not sure how to add the dimensioning to an elevation and would appreciate some instructions /advice. thanks!