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  1. Thanks to both of you. I now understand that I cannot edit the contour lines and will have to add elevation splines manually to get the profile/slope that I want. It would a great feature if they added a maximum slope to the terrain dialog, since most municipalities do not allow slopes over 3:1 for grading. If your interested, I have attached the gpx files that I imported. Import the "perimeter" one as terrain perimeter and then the other as elevation data. For some reason, contour lines don't show up until you try to look at in 3D. The reason I used import to try to get the most rea
  2. It is not locked but I still cannot select a contour to edit it. II have attached the plan (without the house). Thanks for the help. UpperLot_Terrain.plan
  3. Thank you for the reply. When I try to select a contour line (select and double click), it does not select it. How do I select a contour "spline" (what it created) so I can edit it? I have read through the docs and I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.
  4. I have created a terrain perimeter and terrain elevation using GPS import. I add a flat area for the pad. However, I am not understanding how to change the slope to be more gradual. It seems that I cannot select existing contour lines and move them, or I am not doing it correctly. What are the ways to reduce the slope created? Thanks in advance
  5. If I put a wall there, framing will be partly in the the garage and office from the floor to ceiling, which is not what I want
  6. Thanks Solver. New to this, so thanks for the tips. I obviously don't want a wall right there, so do I make it invisible. Is there a video or help that shows how to do this? Thanks again
  7. How do I fix the missing gable framing? I tried adding beams across the garage/office and porch (between the reference points), but it did not help. Do I have to manually build the framing members and if so, will the exterior wall complete (fill in) automatically? Thanks in advance.