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    Importing a Home Photo to add Landscaping/Backdrop image

    Hi Eric, In my first sentence I noted 'Home Designer Architectural 2020' which I believe is the title and version, right? However, I will take up your advice regarding the signature. As for the problem I am having, I see you added broad based resources. Thank you. I've watched/read several of them already and searched the knowledge base for this particular issue I am having - that is how I found the article and video I referenced in my query. In that video, the instructor actually uses a photo with the image removed so it would appear this is not an issue for the software. And of course, it's impossible to take a photo of the house without a background and leaving the background in isn't really conducive for designing. Thanks for trying, though.
  2. I am using Home Designer Architectural 2020 on OSx10. I imported a photo of a house per this video tutorial ( ) and this article ( ). The transparency of the photo was created in photoshop and exported as a .png file. When I try to add trees in front of the photo, they appear behind the photo in the 3D view, however, the slab that I added stays in front (see view images). I tried using the order edit tool by selecting the house in the 2D view and clicking the layer swap icon in the tool bar in the lower left corner and then clicking the orange "send to back" icon but this seems to do nothing. I also tried selecting the tree and "send to front" but again, no changes. I can see in the Display Options window that they are all in the same drawing group, however, there doesn't seem to be an option to alter the order of the groups or to change which objects are in which group. Oddly, the slab is also in the same group but it appears in front of the photo while the plants are behind. How can I control the layering of these objects so that the plants are in front of the backdrop image? Also, are there optimal specs for the photo to be imported - i.e. file size, file type, image size, color space, etc. - any of that important when importing into Home Designer/Architecctural? Thank you.