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  1. HomeProNon

    Slump block

    Have figured out how to create the 4" block and applied to a sample wall. Now on to getting on my project walls. Thanks for the help. Al
  2. HomeProNon

    Slump block

    Thanks for the help. I am using using Home Designer Pro 2021 version. Not sure if using a Mac makes a difference. have gone through a number of tutorials and help options, but not finding exactly how to re-dimension an existing material or creating a new one from scratch. I will try the YouTube link. Am relatively new user, so appreciate the basics.
  3. HomeProNon

    Slump block

    Library does not contain slump block. How can I modify a wall material (CMU 8" block) to a 4X8X16? Essentially I just need to cut the size of the CMU height to 4".