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  1. AndrewMcDonald

    Unfinished basement

    Yup. It was a silly question. Thanks for a not silly answer!
  2. AndrewMcDonald

    Unfinished basement

    When I create a new basement (Build/Floor/Build Foundation) and set wall height to 100" (per the help) I get a basement but it defaults to hardwood floors and a drywall ceiling. If I change the material for the floor to concrete, I get a dialog box the dialog box below. Clicking yes changes the floor but now there's trim at the bottom of the concrete walls. I could go on but what I would like is what the basement would look like with no drywall, no flooring, no trim, nothing. I just want to see an empty basement with concrete walls and floor and the joists from the floor above. I'm a new user (three days!) so I hope this isn't a stupid easy question. I did some searching but I can't find anything that addresses this issue.