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  1. KitchenMike

    Dishwasher Placement 2D vs 3D

    Eric, thanks for the video. I was trying to place it into the drawing in 2d instead of dragging from the library to the cabinet face as you showed. That did work. I was confused because this was not how all the other appliances are placed. As the dishwasher is integrated, this now makes sense to me. Thanks.
  2. KitchenMike

    Dishwasher Placement 2D vs 3D

    I am still having issues with the dishwasher placement. As you can see, in the 3D model, the dishwasher is in the correct position. In the 2D view, i had to move the dishwasher out so that the back of it aligned with the counter edge. If i put the dishwasher in the 2D model correct, below is what happens... I am using Home Designer Pro 2021. Thank you.