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  1. banditz

    help me with picture please

    The most usual way is two-fold: 1. Open “Edit – Default Settings – Walls” and set the interior material to your exterior walls interior side and set your interior wall outer layers to the intended material. 2. Then go to “Edit – Default Settings – Materials” and in the “Materials dialog – Interior Walls” set your intended material to the default “drywall” layers. Then when you draw exterior and interior walls, they will have been pre-programmed by you to display the interior materials of your choice. There are numerous ways to alter materials but for walls, this is the recommended method. please guide me with picture how to do this tutorial ... Untitled 1.plan
  2. banditz

    unable to color / paint the wall

    the result is still the same
  3. banditz

    unable to color / paint the wall

    i would like to put white color on all inside wall .. with pure with (SW 7005) color, by then i cannot put some color on some wall, it looks different with other wall, a bit darker then original wall (pure white color)
  4. banditz

    unable to color / paint the wall

    hi there, anyone can assist me please > im using home designer pro 2021 (x12), how can i color my wall, i have using all one color, but seems like it doesnt work.. would u help to guid me please > i put the plan below ...