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  1. Thanks Eric, I did end up being able to design what I wanted by deleting the default ceiling joist over the garage and bump out and using the framing tools to place the proper joist. Then using exterior wall and specifying railings with no roof or ceiling. I do actually want the all the framing details as I'll be framing the additions and hip roof myself after the foundation is in. The Designer Pro software is really helpful in playing "what if" scenarios which I went through quit a few, and most likely have more. Next challenge will be making drawings I can send out to
  2. Yes, this is an existing house that I am planning to add onto, and put a crawlspace foundation in. It's on piers now. I will need construction documents as I will need to get some engineering done for the concrete contractor, as well, I'll need to have doc's for the city as well. I did try to draw railings, but for some reason, they weren't showing up in my 3D view. Settings?
  3. Thanks for the help! Added signature, Home Designer Pro 2021 is what I just starting using this past week. I haven't been able to design the platform over the structures as of yet, so you have to imagine that I want a platform over the garage, for example, that would be second floor "base" so as not to confuse terms. I would imagine 2x12' floor joist that would tie into the existing house. On that same level, I would imagine that I would need some type of rubber roofing with a slight pitch to drain water. Within that area, I want and outdoor living area, so decking and railing around the perim
  4. I'm trying to build a deck over the garage and first floor bump out which both would be a flat platform roof. I cannot seem to figure out how to generate this. Has anyone out there done this before? Thanks for nay help, Mark