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  1. I didn't find anything, so I guess you're right. It seems like such an obvious option, I was hoping there was something simple I had missed.
  2. Thanks, Eric. I updated my signature. From reading here on the forum, I knew that was important, but hadn't figured out how to do it exactly. I have searched for hours to try to find out how to over-ride this, with no success. What got me thinking it was possible was a reply form you, in fact, to someone with a different question. You said, "Uncheck Create Automatic Blind Corner Cabinets if using the 2 cabinet method." I also just started trying Home Designer Architectural 2021 hoping it would help me with another, unrelated situation (regarding roofs). I
  3. I have been happily using Home Designer Interiors 2019 for a year or two for kitchen layouts. I have figured out a lot of little work-arounds, but am stumped as far as how to not have it automatically create a blind corner cabinet when I move 2 cabinets close to each other in a corner. This is something I need to do, now and then. I thought I saw that this feature could be turned off. Is there a way to manually manage corner cabinets? Thanks, David using Home Designer Interiors 2019