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  1. Thank you Keith and David. I did not know about that tool.
  2. I want to extend the roof about a foot in front of the brick in this picture. I am not sure what that is called in the software so that I can look it up. Does anyone know? Thanks
  3. Hi, I can't get the roof to appear over this bay window. I have played with different combinations in the bay window roof dialog pertaining to the roof, but it won't appear. Are there any suggestions? I am using Home Designer Pro 2022 in case my signature block doesn't show. Thanks
  4. This is for Home Designer Pro 2022 Build 23.3.0..81x64 My problem is that when I want to manually dimension a wall I get this pop-up forcing me to turn on Automatic dimensions. When I do that I get a drawing that is too cluttered when I only needed to show the dimensions of one wall. I was able to do this previously on another installation, but can't get it to work here. TIA