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  1. After a dozen tries, i finally found the issue. I had labeled the two rooms on the third floor as "attic" room type which evidently prevents the program from building a roof, despite all teh other settings (eg floor 3 defaults) telling it to. Not at all obvious, at least to me... On to the next challenge speaking HD-ese. Not always very intuitive... thanks again for the help and i still have a few more questions.
  2. David, I can't thank you enough for your quick reply! Very patient & methodical approach. Very easy to understand video! I can follow on a new plan & will tinker a bit with that, following your video, and then try to fix my plan. The software steps can be a bit non-intuitive (it appears as if it is ignoring the top floor when indeed it is not checked). Thanks again & I'll give an update after i've tried on my own a few times, following your tips. Thanks!!!!!
  3. This is what the silly roof looks like, no change after implementing the suggestions:
  4. The orange painted room is the "Attic South" room (two steps down after walking through the 1m wall) and the unpainted (with the spare doors on the wall) is the "Attic North" room.
  5. Eric, thanks for the quick reply. I did make the attic a numbered floor (3rd) but the roof is built on the second floor - a pretty funny visual. I'm not sure what you mean by "build the roof" as I don't have any sophisticated roof tools in my version but I'll try your steps. The house is located in Northern Brittany (France).
  6. Apologies for any simple/stupid questions on building out an attic, which has very high ceilings. 1. steps to get the roof right (no flat ceiling just insulation & some beams)? i realize there's advise on turning auto roof on/off but unsure. 2.how to get the "opening" for the stairs coming from below? 3. how to build a two steps down from going north to south? 4. advice on putting in skylights (when i get the nerve!).Camlez Play 1.plan Plan attached as well as some photos.