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  1. Howdy, I am redrawing a plan my family has built many times that is actually named after us. I have most of it working out, except I need to add a gable that doesn't work automatically. Here is what I am looking at. Running HDPro 2021. Also, while I am asking, how can I get the dormer on the left side to pop up while all the rest of the roof is sitting on the top plate of the first floor wall?
  2. Oh, thanks! Remarkably helpful. Thanks again. :-)
  3. Good suggestion re: signature. Any thoughts on grade beams?
  4. Simple question, I think, but I have been trying to figure out how to do this for over an hour so far: with a monolithic slab with footings around the exterior and grade beams under load bearing interior walls, how do I make the foundation plan reflect the load bearing interior walls? Do I have to just draw foundation walls under the 1st floor reference or can I make individual walls "foundation walls", which will show up in the right places on the foundation plan. I have tried both ways and neither seems quite right. The former shows up on the foundation plan, but I am not sure if is centered