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  1. Very nice technique. I see, set the room height to zero. Thank you.
  2. Here's an actual pic of the side of the house by the chimney. Since this roof section is flat along the side of the house except where it intersects another gable, maybe it should be made with an extend roof section? I wasn't able to do this successfully.
  3. Hi Jo Ann If you see the overhead view in my first post, and the front elevation, what you can see is that there is no wall there. In that section, the hip roof at the second story continues down to the first story, where it intersects the gable roof over the stone portion of the house. So, there is no exterior wall in that section. On the side of the house, there is a triangular shaped wall which follows the roofline down. I would think the way to do this is to make the wall section a knee wall, or use the extend roof down tool. I will follow shortly with a pic from my phone.
  4. Ok Thanks. I've included more pictures and the home plan here. The problem is that the hip roof extends to the second story walls at the back of the house, but at the front, it extends to the first floor walls. This is only noticeable at one corner of the house, because the other corners are broken up with gable roof "dormers." The corner in question has an interior knee wall in the actual house, but Home Designer does not accept a knee wall under a hip roof, only a gable roof. Home plan copy.plan
  5. Using Home Designer Architectural 2021 I'm trying to model my house, which has a hip roof over the second story on the backside, which extends down to the first story on the front side. Most of the front side of the house is broken up with gable roof "dormers." I've modeled almost all of the roof successfully as the gable roof sections of the house prevent the main hip roof from having to actually extend to the first floor everywhere except one corner of the house. I've tried unsuccessfully to model the corner in question by using a knee wall underneath the hip roof, bu