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  1. Not seeing an option to select categories. Am i looking in the right place?
  2. So for walls you can define Stick frame, ICF, or SIP, Is there a way do do the same for roofs?
  3. Thanks, no idea how they got turned on in the first place but it looks as expected now. I guess I need to go through every option and ensure i understand what they do,
  4. That did the trick. the PDF was commenting on the Unexpected return on the gable. Attaching JPEG as requested,
  5. The circled return is unexpected. Maybe that is what is hosing things up. Garage v3.pdf
  6. I went in and deleted the wall I added. I have attached the plan file as suggested above. Does not appear to be a hidden wall. Garage v3.plan
  7. I resolved it by going to the attic level and creating a wall. There did not appear to be a wall there. This is an exercise in learning the software so it is not critical.
  8. Solver, I will try that when I get back to the office.
  9. I spent several hours yesterday trying to do that. Nothing I do shows up. The only thing that draws the wall is if I set the flat ceiling option. As an aside the gable walls on the other two sides works just fine.
  10. When I change the ceiling on my gable roof to Cathedral it does not draw the attic wall. Any thoughts. Searched the forum but did not see this specific issue.