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  1. Only one layout sheet available in HD Pro2021.  I only just realised this " Fault " . You would reckon the software could have included a few " extra " layout pages, for a whole house.    I'm not sure if this has been highlited in the sales promo area and NON of the videos mention this ..   Yes I also have Chief Premier...

    I purchased HDPro2021 for my Grandson ( 11 years old ) as he wants to be an Architect.

    David Potter.  Any chance you could produce a video on creating multiple layout sheets for one project, showing floor plans, elevations, sections, etc.

    I assume you need to create /  save each layout. cheers mate


  2. Hi Eric...    I know I can save " templates"...  I been doing that for 30 years   for CAD & Construction Estimating software...

                     So whats the point of having " Defaults Setup ", if you still need to have a template plan for " simple defaults such as room heights "



  3. My Default setting 2700mm for ceiling height is never saved , when I set it up  . 

     Program reverts back  to original HD ceiling heights , each time when i start i new project.


    HD2021 DEFAULTS.jpg