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  1. I get the following when I extrude a rectangle to make a curved object: A face was defined with more than four vertices. Only triangle and quadrilateralfaces are supported. The face vertices will be truncated after the first four." I get the same error when trying to import similar objects from Sketchup Warehouse. Does anyone know if more recent versions of the program have this limitation as well? I have version 9.0 and have the lasted update installed.
  2. lkruper

    Error importing from Sketchup with curved objects

    I did look at that article, thanks. Very informative. I don't use the tools very often. I got AHD 5 years ago when I bought and fixed up an old cabin. Now I have a potential new project. Maybe you could help me understand this domain. How does the AHD product compare to what is available? It looked to me that Sketchup could do all and more than AHD but at a cost of $590 per license and a huge learning curve. That being said, AHD seems to be very good at designing homes and decorating them, something that might need more effort in SU.
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    Error importing from Sketchup with curved objects

    Thanks. Looks like skp works as version 3, and .3ds also works. However .obj still gives the same error. One thing that makes Sketchup stand out for me is the ability to make a dynamic object... for example one can click on the door of a cabinet and it opens. Do you know if any of the AHD versions have anything like that? Also, modeling with curved soffits would be nice. Problem with SU is that to get the dynamic object capabilities one needs the paid pro version. I won't have this in a few weeks as the trial ends.
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    Error importing from Sketchup with curved objects

    Architectural Home Designer 9.0. They are not skp… I get those when I save the entire scene. The objects will import, but just not completely. I tried to attach the files but got an error that I could not attaches those kinds of files. I did get the same error from the Sketchup Warehouse for the "Curve System Components" I select the object then File >> Export >> 3D Model. This works fine for most everything else I have tried.