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  1. Okay. At first the custom backsplash would not display on the door. But by floating the backsplash 1/4" in front of the glass wall and door it now displays across the door and looks pretty good. Thanks.
  2. I guess I incorrectly called it an "attic wall". The wall type seams to be correct. On the "exterior side" which is outside next to the front door it is a Block wall that goes all the way up to the 15' ceiling above. On the interior side it is block wall with 2" of furring strips and drywall until it protrudes through the ceiling of that room and then it is just block. I just can't seem to paint the block.
  3. I am using 8" CMU Block for my exterior walls. The house is 1 story with different ceiling heights and therefore different roof heights from room to room. There is one section of wall that shows between a higher hip roof and a lower hip roof and it displays as block. I am trying to paint the block the same color as the rest of the exterior of the home but it doesn't seem to work. When I use the "Material Painter" tool nothing happens. I have tried using "wall coverings" but it also does not do the job. I have tried making it a pony wall, but it doesn't help. And I have tried selecting Wall Type below if separated by butting roof but it doesn't help. What am I doing wrong? Also, I have a similar "attic wall" on another portion of the house and I had no problem using the "material painter" to paint the wall to match the exterior, however this wall is not block but I don't understand why that matters. I posted pictures of both cases and the simplified plan. FA 20 Help.zip
  4. I have two glass "walls" with a glass shower door between them. I want a frosted stripe to run horizontally across the whole thing. I am able to use "wall coverings" to get the frosted stripe across the glass "walls", but I can't figure out how to get the door to match. Maybe its not possible. FA 20 Help.zip
  5. I am struggling to create the same "cabinet/hidden pantry door". I tried the glass cabinet idea, but for me it didn't work as well because part of the exterior cabinet is visible on one side. I suppose I could add an additional panel there. But what I found works best is while in a camera view, go the the drop down menu "3D" and select "Delete Surface", then click on the cabinet wall you want to delete. And now it is not "visibly" there. It doesn't actually remove the cabinet wall, it just makes it not visible in that camera. Keep in mind, if you close the camera and then create a new camera you will have to delete the surface again. Also, if you use one camera to move about the plan you will find that you will need to "delete surface" both sides of the same cabinet wall so that you can see into the pantry as well as out of the pantry.