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  1. Jayrocndc

    Different Size Foundation

    This was both fun and difficult process. This is not a pretty plan by any means lol. I am not sure how to fix the garage floor - its a bit more sunk in than expected. Any tips on bring it level is greatly appreciated. I think this a good first go at using the software (with 0 background in using design/architecture lol). I will try another design from scratch to see what I can come up with. Test Plan.plan
  2. Jayrocndc

    Different Size Foundation

    Thank you DJP - I am going to try this out later today. I'll share my preliminary results.
  3. Jayrocndc

    Different Size Foundation

    Hello HomeTalk! First day with the Home Design Pro 2021 and I am having a blast. I plan to purchase a new home in the coming months and thought I would try my hand at designing a house to my liking. Looking for inspiration - I came across this home design. I've gotten a fairly good start on drawing walls and inserting windows and doors. What is the best way method for changing the foundation to matching closely to the design in the picture? Notably the garage is sitting lower than the rest of the house. Thanks in advance for your assistance.