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  1. I'm using shadow box balusters for my deck and they are coming in rotated perpendicular to the wall. I can't find anything in the settings regarding their orientation and searching around the forums hasn't turned anything up for me. What's going on here? I've made them comically large to display the problem clearly. Existing9172020.plan
  2. Thanks David. I think I got it pretty spot on now thanks to your tips. Only thing I'm not sure about is this skirting under the porch. It's not that important I guess.
  3. Thanks David. Again your help was invaluable, and your Youtube channel is great! I managed to get a close resemblance to the real house after playing around for a little while (and watching your videos) tonight. As you can see I've got the porch in there and the railing layout is similar but not perfect. The front door railings are coming off the steps in real life as you can see in the picture, but in my model they go all the way to the ground. I feel like my concrete steps are a bit of a hack job too... but they look close! I don't think I'll ever get the bay window right, as the
  4. David, thanks to your help I was able to get started on the porch. I've attached the updated plan file if you're interested. Here's a picture of what I'm trying to model (please excuse the sorry state of the house, you can see why I want to plan upgrades). I'm not at the point yet where I want to ask for help on the split porch and concrete steps, if I do need help I'll start a new thread. Existing.plan
  5. David, I can't thank you enough for making this video. I never would have thought of drawing the deck railing like that and telling it to be a gable. And thanks for the extra info too, especially about the material. Once I finish making my porch I'll post up some screenshots.
  6. So it looks like I need to have manual roof plane controls to do this (not available in my version). Is there any way to achieve what i want using the Suite 2021 version that I have? I've watched the videos and perused the knowledge bank but so far I've come up blank. They seem to reference the roof controls that I don't have.
  7. Thanks Solver, I'll update my signature and check out those resources you posted.
  8. Hi everyone. I just bought this software today. I am a drafter/designer by trade with a little bit of Revit experience and a lot of AutoCAD Map 3D/Civil 3D experience. So far I'm enjoying this software and I can see myself using it for all kinds of DIY projects. However I am having some trouble with my roof line. My house is somewhat L shaped (see the attached .plan file, not really to scale) and in real life the roof overhangs the front porch making an overall gabled rectangle, however I can't figure out how to get HD to do the same. Here's what I'm getting