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  1. I've manually manipulated roof panels to create a gable roof over a dormer. My problem is that I either am missing facia board where they meet at the top or I'm simply missing color. I've had this problem before, but can't remember how to solve it.
  2. Problem solved--though I do think that writing these posts helped me work through it. Had no idea a wall could be inside-out, and had no idea it could simply be spun with a handle.
  3. Okay, an update. I think I have discovered that my wall is backwards--I suppose. I'm seeing the inside color of the window, not the outside. I had put shingles in the gable, but discovered that there is siding on the inside of the wall in the attic. Is there a way to turn it around? I deleted it and placed a new wall, but it is the same.
  4. The window is in a wall in the attic, so it has no room definition. It's what I call a gable dormer, so its one flat gable wall. I have another one around the corner and it accepts a copied window and shows it in white. I have checked all specs on both walls and they match. I'm getting more puzzled as I go. I assume it'll be a simple fix when I finally discover it.
  5. I'm adding some detail to my plan and have come to an odd thing happening. I added a window to a dormer and it comes in as a stained wood window with stained wood trim. All other windows have been white. I cannot change it in the wall properties or the window properties. I can change the color in window properties, but it doesn't change when I click done. Something's obviously blocking me, but I can't figure out what it is. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2015.