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    How do I rotate the entire house plan?

    I have a house plan located on my lot (using terrain boundary, trees and contours). The property boundaries are correct according to the survey. I have pretty much completed the design and just need to rotate my house plan while keeping the lot boundaries in place. I have tried zooming out, selecting the entire house footprint and rotating it to the new angle. The only problem is that the 2nd floor, attic and some of the foundation features don't rotate with it. Since the 2nd floor didn't rotate, neither did those roof sections. Also, the roof and roof planes are frozen due to numerous adjustments, so if those don't match up perfectly it will require a lot of work to get them back where they need to be. How can I select the ENTIRE house, with interior objects, furnishings, etc. and have it all rotate together? I tried rotating just the 1st floor, then tried to rotate the 2nd floor by the same amount, but things didn't line up correctly so I had to just undo. Any advice would be appreciated. RKB_Engineer HD Pro 2015