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  1. I'm not sure I understand this...I created the lot layout using CAD lines, then converted the closed polyline to a Terrain Perimeter. In order to change the size of the text labels, I went to Layer Display Options -> Terrain Perimeter and select the text style I want, no changes are made. But when I go to Layer Display Options -> CAD and select the text style I want, it changes the way I want it to. In the end, I've figured out how to get it to look the way I want, but shouldn't the labels be converted to a Terrain Perimeter labels?
  2. Thank you. I was able to get my lot laid out. But I may end up throwing my computer out the door if I can't figure out how to resize the text labels on the perimeter. I've followed instructions from the knowledge base. And I've messed with most of the text settings I can find. Nothing changes the size of that text. The learning curve may make me crazy!
  3. New user here of Home Designer Pro. We have a lot we plan to build on. I'm trying to figure out if it makes sense to lay out the plot plan before starting the floor plan, or is it best to just start with a floor plan. My motivation to do the plot plan first is to get an approximate idea of how wide we can make the house since it will sit a little angled on the lot. Also, at some point, I'd like to add the lot contouring. Any thoughts? Thanks!