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  1. Platzie

    Cursor Defaults?

    I called the 800# and got this resolved. Please delete this post. Thanks
  2. Platzie

    Cursor Defaults?

    If my mouse would be in "stair mode" I should be able to move the one set of stairs near the other and click between them to create a landing. That's what the video says anyway...
  3. Platzie

    Cursor Defaults?

    I also would like to take a screen shot to ask more questions about a roof. How can I do this? Thanks.
  4. Platzie

    Cursor Defaults?

    I'm trying to create a staircase and my cursor seems to be locked in the break wall function. It is always present by default, so I can't create a landing between my two stair cases. I'm trying to follow along to a video, but can't get past this. Thanks, Adam. I put Home Designer 2015 in my profile, but not sure if you can see it.
  5. 3rd time is a charm, right? Here goes trying to post the drawing again....
  6. I've been trying to post up my drawing, but it's not working. It looks like your one on the far left. I built the interior knee walls and the roof, but no exterior walls are showing up and the roof is out of whack. I'll try and just do a screen shot.
  7. I feel I've learned a lot from everyone's help, but that doesn't mean the house I'm trying to draw is looking right! Wathcing Youtube videos and reading the user manual doesn't completely clarify how things work. Failing at dormers, shed dormers and fireplaces. Anyway, here's my progress at a snails pace.
  8. Never mind. It shows in the 3D view, not plan view.
  9. How do I get that toolbar that you have on the bottom left that has the join roofs button?
  10. Thanks Dave, that video was great! It is actually a customers house, but it has a shed roof off the back that I need to draw. That will fix the door issue along the back. I'm going to play with it and try and get where you did with the video. Thanks again!
  11. There is a second floor, but I need to figure out how to do dormers too. The roof just looks like a Cape Cod because of the top plate or bearing height is at the first floor.
  12. I think I may have deleted it at some point trying to make the gable walls. I attached the plan. Wheeler Residence 2.plan
  13. Here's an attempt to attach a screen shot