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    The mystery of joists offset from wall plane

    I do, Eric. The framing is specifically extended to the outward plane. Well, there it is! You are so very helpful, thanks a million.
  2. moverturf

    The mystery of joists offset from wall plane

    Ok, thank you for the constructive feedback! I think I've set up everything as required. Eric, I viewed some of your videos and already learned a bunch. Keith, I'm using LVL joists that are sized to be the same as the joists of the 100 year old house that I'm adding to. The old joists are 7 1/2" x 2", and so I had to put in a pair of 7 1/4" x 1 3/4" LVL's and nail/glue them together to make a joist. I put on a 1" OSB subfloor to match them up. Therefore they are a different color than the wall framing, which are modern fir 2x6's. However, I used the auto-framing option, and the rim joist still stick out past the wall finish. I show one pic with the framing, and the other fully finished with the stucco exterior. Anyway, thank you Eric for the kind offer to look at the plan, attached. Mike new_house_2_-_current.plan
  3. Hi - I was hesitant to post this as I figured the answer would be some innocuous setting somewhere that I blithered over, but I'm really stumped by this. The rim joist and joist framing doesn't seem to line up with the wall plane. I can see in the example plans that this works perfectly there, but those were all done with Chief Architect, not HD Pro, so I don't know what that means. I have this gap between the inside of the rim joist and the outside of the wall plane, which extends into the wall finish, and accurately shows up in the renderings as a wood strip on the outside of the floor level, flush with the wall finish, but looking kinda dumb. Also, why would the joists not line up with the wall framing, as is shown in pic 2? I have some non-standard 2 1/2" LVL joists (2x1 1/4), but that shouldn't cause the joist to drive through the wall framing, right, or misalign on the bottom plates. Pic 3 is again a shot at the rim joist gap and the misaligned joists. Clearly I'm spec'ing something wrong, but can't figure out what, thank you for your help. PS: I originally posted this in the wrong area (under Tips & Techniques, as in 'I need some tips & techniques', but I was wrong) and was soundly admonished for it. I can now proudly tick off my first instruction experience by both Solver and Potter at the same time, an accomplishment at such an early stage!