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  1. mikenlara

    Upper deck problem

    thanks for answering that so quickly, it got rid of it! its been fun learning this program, thanks to the videos, and help from people like you!
  2. mikenlara

    Upper deck problem

    I have managed to get a deck on the upper level of this plan but can't seem to get rid of it. i can no longer see my ceilings, only the bottom of the deck above. This is a houseboat where the upper deck is the fiberglass roof. i was trying to create a "deck" to show the railings on the roof and to add the bar, etc upstairs. I am at my wit's end as i spent so much time on this plan before i realized i have gotten into a mess i can't figure how to get out of. any suggestions would be so helpful.
  3. mikenlara

    countertops and materials list

    thank you, i am still working on the signature thing. so i figured it out, you have to get the material you want and copy it into your library. then you can open it for editing and change the calculation to area. i did that and ran a new materials list and it worked.
  4. mikenlara

    countertops and materials list

    using HD pro 2021 It looks like if i select a countertop material from the default or core catalogs it calculates square footage, but if i try to change that granite to one from a manufacturer (cactus stone as shown below) it will not calculate the square footage. does anyone know a way around this? any help is greatly appreciated.