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  1. I'm using HDS on a Win10 machine. For some reason, it appears HDS is undercounting the length of a space by about 6.5". It might be relevant that I have two room dividers of 0" thickness. I've done some searching on this issue and found a thread on a similar problem but the trigger appears to be uneven floors/ceilings which doesn't apply to my file. I have the dimension defaults set to "surface" and "both wall sides". Here's a Screenshot if it helps in which I show the discrepancy between actual vs calculated measurements. Any ideas on what's going on? Thanks, N
  2. My mistake, I was looking for it under Dimensions. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'm using Suite so I don't have access to temporary dimensions.
  4. Hi. I have questions about using HD Suite for an upcoming renovation... 1. How do I get HDS to include the thickness of the drywall when measuring distances/placing walls? Since the walls already exist, all of my measurements include the drywall. 2. For placing interior walls, HDS is measuring distances back to the outside edge of exterior walls rather then the interior edge. Again, all my measurements are up to and including the drywall. How do I locate an interior wall without HDS measuring to the outside of the exterior wall? 3. I need to insert a small vertical column which hides plumbing and is located in the corner of a bedroom. It measures 1' x 1' but I can't get HDS to measure it out properly. Similar to my questions above, it doesn't measure as I need it to do. I'm attaching a screenshot which shows the 1' long wall. HDS measueres the wall from the outer edge of the wall to the inner edge of the opposing wall when it should be the outer edge. I've identified the problem with an orange square and show with an orange line how I want to measure the wall. Thanks in advance.