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  1. Kbird1,


    Yes, I did break the wall and set that section to full gable. This part I have done ok.


    It is the vaulted ceiling in the gable I can't seem to manipulate into position. I tried deleting one of the gable ceiling elements using Solver's X2 file version he sent us and the photo I attached was the result of my attempt to add a new ceiling to his.


    by the way I am using HD 2015 pro...


    THanks for any help,



  2. Hi Eric,


    Thought I sent a post yesterday... hmm.


    Thank you for the solution you provided, however I have not been able to duplicate it.


    Here is what I tried:

    1) deleted existing gable, break the wall section and set it for full gable, then rebuilt the roof.

    2) I then created a ceiling plane starting at the center line of the gable.

    3) Adjusted the ceiling plane to be similar to my vaulted ceiling.

    4) Used the join command... but this gave a bizarre result.


    I do not see what height you adjusted? this may be what is need to make it work.


    A little more detail might get me there.


    Thank you,





  3. Hi Solver,

    I can not open the version you sent, I have HD 2015.

    What technique did you use to blend the gabled area and vaulted ceiling?


    Hi Kbird1,

    Yes, my ceiling is not flat (vaulted) and above the ceiling I want to create Trusses. The Gable area ceiling should intersect the vaulted ceiling, but I don't see how to do it. Manual or auto is fine. Once I have the ceiling in place then I believe HD will allow me to create Trusses.


    Please indicate any techniques that you think might work.


    Thank you,



  4. Recording a walkthrough works fine. Howver, when I try to playback I get an error message. Windows media player says it encountered a problem. Quicktime says unknown error. I am using the IYUV codec for my windows 7. 64 bit operating system.

    The sequence is 107 sec long, with 6 key frames.


    If I reduce the sequence in length (tried 10 sec) playback works fine.


    I have 16 GB of memory and Quadro 2000 video board.


    Any ideas?



  5. I have a earth satellite photo I placed on my terrain and it was initially in small blocks so I increased the scale in the "define material" dialogue and this helps but then I notice the material seems to segment itself no matter how large the scale. I then tried "stretch to fit". Still same problem... I would like the satellite image to lay down on my terrain.


    See attached problem


    Any ideas?




  6. Thank you KBird.

    Step terrain just makes a weird looking fence above the ground and trees are already set to zero. I am thinking this is a problem of calculating the ground position for curved surfaces. I think this is a bug.


  7. I have a terrain with gentle slopes I have put a fence around and trees. This looked fine when I put them in. I then modified the terrain and rebuilt it, but now the fence and trees are either up in the air or partially underground depending on the slope.


    Nothing I do to rebuild seems to fix this.


    Any suggestions? Using 2015 Pro