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    A Few, Hopefully Quick Questions

    Hi, I was able to figure out how to modify my signature. Forgive me, I don't understand your reply. "didn't enable the option to let Home Designer titles to edit the plan": I not only do not know where the option is, I don't understand the option also. "in the Plan Defaults DBX": I do see anything called with DBX in it "to small or large in the Preferences DBX": where is this, and what does DBX mean? Thanks, Kevin
  2. qdoggmets

    A Few, Hopefully Quick Questions

    hi, I did not update yet, so 10.04. I will update the signature later today. I have attached the plan files. As a side question, is the .jpg file actually needed for something? It doesn't appear to be a usable file as the resolution is very small and fuzzy. If not, can the saving of this file be turned off? Thanks, Kevin Casa Quinn Smaller.plan
  3. qdoggmets

    A Few, Hopefully Quick Questions

    hi, yes. I saw the diy forum at one point in time. I had intended to post there. I think with signing up I got turned around a little bit and I can't find it now. if someone could give me the link so I can post other stuff there in the future that would be great. Back to this issue though: The walls are certainly 8 feet tall and everything meets up with what intend to be the first floor. I think I still have an issue though, as the basement is still above the ground. Thanks, Kevin
  4. qdoggmets

    A Few, Hopefully Quick Questions

    Hi, I am new to here. I have chief architect 10.04a. If some one could help me out that would be great. 1. How do we change the elevation of a floor to be a basement. We started with a very basic floor plan and then attempted to add a floor and the wall was what I thought is a foundation wall but its very short. when I use the camera you can see outside through my foundation. 2. How do we set the wall height of a basement wall once it is actually in the basement. Currently the wall is only a few feet high, for the reason I mentioned above. 3. How to turn off all auto exterior dimensions once they are turned on, without deleting them one by one? Thanks, Kevin