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    unusual roof

    Unfortunately, Architectural 2018 only has these options in the build roof dialog:
  2. Suraci

    unusual roof

    Thank you for that. I still can't seem to get a ridge that exactly bisects the two roof segments. I've tried changing both pitches separately.
  3. Suraci

    unusual roof

    Hmmm. I first set the pitches in both high wall specifications. Then I used the build roof dialog to create the roof but the pitches were changed to the default of 8". Changing the high wall pitches individually changes nothing.
  4. Suraci

    unusual roof

    Thank you for the quick reply. So, when the walls are returned to the original position, the roof will remain?
  5. Suraci

    unusual roof

    Is it possible to create this roof using Home Designer Architectural v 19.3.0? The drawing shows the rooflines in red as a rectangle bisected into two right triangle segments by the ridge. The pitches are indicated by black arrows. The image below gives one perspective of a similar roof. Thank you.