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  1. How would I create a custom kitchen hood as seen below in Home Designer pro 2021? I've tried drawing the profile of the object but there is no way that I can see to create a poly line object. I believe there is a way to do it in chief architect by importing an object created in CAD into the library and then reimporting it, but Home Designer Pro will not allow me to do this. Any way around this? Shan
  2. How do I create a curved or "barrel" ceiling in Home Designer Pro. I am currently using Home Designer Pro 2021 on a MacBook Pro using MacOS Catalina v 10.15.6
  3. How would you create a triangular hearth and fireplace in home designer pro? I have a corner fireplace with a triangular shaped hearth that touches adjacent walls at a 45 degree angle. I've tried soffit and geometric shapes from the core library but cannot seem to figure out how to rotate an object about an x or y axis. Shan Home Designer Pro 2021 Mac OS Catalina 10.15.6
  4. Thank you, David. I appreciate the advice. However, when I create the soffit, set its width and height and stretch it out from the edge of the wall to under the ridge of the roof, the option "place under ceiling" becomes grayed out. It is only active when the soffit is under the flat section of ceiling. Any ideas?
  5. Is there a way to create a soffit to run along the back wall against the sloped portions of the ceiling as a crown molding.
  6. Thank you for the helpful info. I've attached the file. Paris.plan
  7. I am creating a second floor nook above the kitchen open on one side. The ceiling above is sloped and I notice the room divider creates a gap in the ceiling the same width as the wall underneath and slices out the small section of the ceiling above. Is there a way to prevent this so that I can see the full uninterrupted ceiling?