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  1. Hi everyone, was hoping to get a little bit of help, I’m working on designing a prospect build for my personal home in Chief, I’m using Home Designer 2021. If I do not add the roof over the rear screened in porch then the rear elevation and gable roofs look correct which is the second photo attached. However, when finishing the screened porch and adding the roof it then generates the auto roof over the full gables. I located the invisible knee wall that is auto generated on the second floor and pulled that back against the second floor wall thinking it would drag the roof pitch at 2/12 back with it, it doesn’t. I also think that since I’m on Home Designer I don’t have the ability to grab the roof pane itself and manually pull it back against the second floor. It should ultimately line up right underneath the three windows and should connect between the two separate gables. thanks in advance for any help