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  1. Hi, Something changed so that in print preview and the final PDF the lines have now all gone thick. I read the previous thread on this topic but didn't help. it is obviously related to line widths. Looks fine on screen only when I print to PDF in does is change? Has this plan file gotten corrupted? Attached are a PDF (Cabin 2 CarPort July 2022-3.pdf) that printed correctly 5 days ago and the second (Cabin 2 CarPort July 2022-8b.pdf) of what I am getting now. I have reloaded the program but did not help. Any guidance would be appreciated. A compressed version of the plan just fits under the max size if that would help. Sincerely, Ken Cabin 2 CarPort July 2022-3.pdf Cabin 2 CarPort July 2022-8b.pdf
  2. Sorry I haven't updated my software. It is Pro 2022.
  3. Hi, I am using Home Designer Pro 2022 but this is an issue I haven't solved in previous versions either. I am designing a square cabin with 2 push outs, and a 1 inch ceiling height second floor. The first floor has 9 foot walls. At this point everything from the roof line is as expected as seen in the attached photo. I then add a screen porch on the end of the cabin and add a roof. All fine after this step as well. However, when I go to add a flat ceiling under the porch roof the software does create the flat ceiling but I get a crease now in the main roof line as seen in the second attached image. I can't figure out how this are linked and have run out of ideas on how to fix this. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Ken
  4. Thanks for replying. I attached a zip file and in it there is a folder called Roof Picture. It should be obvious from picture the problem. Ken
  5. Hi, I am using Architectural 2021 and struggling with a roof line. Everything looks as desired until I try and add the roof over the porch which results in the roof as seen in the attached photo. I have also attached the plan should anyone be able to have time to look. I can usually figure things out even if the approach is not the best but this one has me stumped. Thanks in advance. Ken Gateway Roof
  6. Exactly what I was hoping for the correct way to adjust this. I did in fact build the second floor based on the first and then pulled back the wall covering the sunroom to the main house and yes there were dotted line walls present marked as invisible. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I am making progress with my designs as a new user since Nov 2020 but on occasion run into an issue that I may be able to find a hack to solve it but looking to work towards better design skills realizing this will take time. Attached is a simple house I am working on where I have added a future sunroom on to the end of the house. I have managed to sort out the roof lines as I require but as you can see the wall does not fill in just below the new roof. Is there a way to tell the program how to fill in the gap? Or this is a case where I need to use a back splash or draw a polyline then add a fill style. I am just guessing as to how the pros would handle this. Thanks in advance, Ken
  8. Hi, Many thanks for pointer to custom backsplash. It would have taken me a long time to figure this one out. I read the user manual and within 5 minutes problem is solved. So thank you for responding. Ken
  9. Hi, I am new to Chief Architect but making progress going through the many videos and topics. However I have run into an issue that I presume there is a correct way fix it but I have been unable to find the answer after looking here and elsewhere. Simply put I have a wall that is partly inside the home and partly outside. Photos attached. I am trying to apply different wall characteristics to each. I am hoping to learn how to deal with this the correct way rather than hack my way to some partial solution. Any insight or help is appreciated. Thanks in advance, Ken Home Designer Architectural 2021 - Build