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  1. thanks for the replies! Correct, I have HD Architectural. The advice I found on the web is rotating the plan. From your replies I conclude that I need HD Pro for this. Am I correct? As I'm no pro-user, I hope to find a solution with my current license. A tric could be rotating in QGIS, but that's not that easy too. Robert
  2. Hello, I'm new to HD, just bought the Architect 2021 version. Refering to previous topics: can I rotate my plan with this version? I can't find the tools described. Neither can I rotate the objects. By now, I imported a CSV altitude of the surroundings of my home and built a 3D terrein. And i imported an dxf of the terrain-border and the "borders" of our house and neighbours (using QGIS). In that way I have starting point as I want to model my house as well as the garden and direct surroundings. I hope this way of working fits into the software? Problem is that our house is (of course) not situated exactly not-south, though we're only lacking 1-2 degrees ;-). thanks, Robert