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  1. Sorry.. I’ve been working other things.. I’ll probably go play with this some more in the next day or so as I want to give the results to the local permit peeps and get the ball rolling.. I’m sure they’ll have more stuff they’ll want. Anyway, regarding your question. I now better understand the reasoning on the 30” wide toilet and will likely just delete my current (thin) toilet and put back the original unmodified one with the 30” clearance. I actually think that’s kind of a cool feature to have. This program is kinda stretching my thoughts more than I expected. Before I stumbled across this I was toying with OmniGraffle (MacOS) and of course it’s more Visio-esque and not very smart in the right ways so I had to do all the thinking about item spacing, measurements, etc.. I’m pleased with what I’ve seen so far! I’m sure I’ll probably have more questions, and yes, I’ll try my best to find answers without pestering you all! Thanks again!!
  2. Ok.. I'm liking this stuff so far -- its nice to have something that makes things easier! So.. Before I get ahead of myself I just want to verify what I believe is true -- in the pic below, the measurement (5' 1.25") is between the studs and does NOT include the drywall in that figure. The arrows seem to imply that but I just want to ensure I'm not making a wrong assumption. Thanks!
  3. Ok.. You're are da-man for today! You answered a bunch of questions I had. Supposedly my version supports Auto Interior Dimensions (I saw that in the knowledge base), but the option does not exist in my version -- maybe its only a pro feature and the docs are a little out of whack.. Anyway, I've got more chomping to do on this stuff tomorrow.. I'll be watching your video some more to digest things more. Thanks again for taking the time to help!!
  4. Thanks Solver.. I'm still watching the video but wanted to state that I made the toilet that way as I adjusted its dimensions by double clicking on it and changing the dimensions to be those for the toilet I'm planning on using. The stock model had a 30" wide toilet -- never heard of a toilet that wide. I put my measly ~14" toilet and you get that weird one I've got.. lol
  5. Ok.. I got it to work after I figured out how to disable snap-to-grid for a moment.. I have achieved my goal for today. Thanks all!!
  6. Thanks.. I knew about the CAD dimension line but wasn't sure if that was the best option or not. Thanks.. Yes, I fixed my signature!
  7. Got it! Worked like a charm!!! Thanks much!
  8. Ok.. My next thing which is much more visible when I print my drawing -- is the roof lines (dashed) that are present in the drawing as if it were a small house and not a bathroom remodel within the house.. Is there a way to shut this feature off for this particular drawing? Thanks!!
  9. Hi all.. I'm brand-new to Home Designer as of today.. I'm a DIY'er and am working towards getting a permit for a small bathroom remodel. I've been able to get all the measurements into the program without issue with one minor exception. I have put in the measurements for the toilet that I'm planning on using and per our local code here in California I need to verify that I've got clearance on either side of the toilet of 15" or more. This is easy to do if you've got a centerline that runs through the middle of the toilet, which in theory we do. But, I don't know how to attach a measurement line to that "point" on the toilet object. I also want to use that centerline to determine where to place the toilet in the room as I know the centerline on the toilet mounting flange and have measurements for where it is with respect to adjacent walls. What's the best way to do this? Thanks much!!