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  1. BrianVA

    Outdoor Ramp going to Basement

    Will it make a difference that it does not have a roof?
  2. BrianVA

    Outdoor Ramp going to Basement

    I have been making a plan my house so I can use this program to do upgrades and renovations. There is a concrete slab outside a basement door, then a concrete ramp that goes up to ground level. I did the terrain before I made the slab and ramp, and I cannot seem to get the terrain to get out of the way (see attached images). I know I still have to adjust the height of the far end of the ramp, and that is easy. The top image is the first floor orthographic view, and the bottom image is the basement orthographic view. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be most appreciative. Thanks
  3. BrianVA

    Bay Window Question

    That seems to have worked! Thanks for the help.
  4. BrianVA

    Bay Window Question

    I'm using HD Pro 2021, and when I create a bay window, I can open the dialog box to choose the size of the bay, but I cannot seem to figure out how to change the type of window in the bay or the height of the window, or height of the window from the floor. I can only change the type of window by changing my defaults, as there seems to be no way to do it otherwise. Does anyone have any suggestions?